Spiritual encounters

Journeys of faith from members of St Mary’s Church. Take a look at these 3-6 minute videos. Have you ever had a spiritual encounter? 

Chris said he had an amazing experience of power going through his body as someone prayed for him. Listen to his story here. He has since gone to be with the Lord, but this is video remains here as a reminder of him to us all and as a testimony to his faith and sure and certain hope of the future.

Jerry went to church age 22 to meet girls and had an unexpected but life changing encounter. He tells his story here.

Lindsay discovered God’s help after a car accident as a child and when she and her husband were very short of money. More recently a diagnosis of cancer was “a nightmare” until she found God’s peace and joy and an assurance of healing. Her story is here.


What is God saying to you and what are the next steps?

Find a modern version of the Bible and take a look at the last book, Revelation chapter 3 verse 20, the verse Jerry mentioned. Have a read of John’s gospel.

Do contact us if you want to explore faith further. All three of us can usually be found at St Mary’s on a Sunday morning or contact the office for details of courses similar to the Alpha course Chris mentioned.