Fun evening with Lostock Ukulele Band

Hands were waving and feet tapping as an audience in the Lighthouse joined in with the Lostock Ukulele Band on Friday, 19 January.

The evening was one of our series of Friday night specials. We asked for a donation of  £5 per adult which was split between St Luke’s Hospice, the band’s charity; and St Mary ’s “ Raise the Roof ” appeal. Altogether £260 was raised.

The band played a staggering 94 times last year, raising over £7,000 for St Luke’s hospice.

The audience joined in with songs from Adele, Village People (YMCA of course), Neil Diamond, Slade and the Beatles as well as traditional songs like My Old Man, Wellerman and Drunken Sailor. Group leader Graham’s jokes got a laugh (or a groan!), refreshments were served and everyone had a great time.

Here’s a clip:

Thank you all involved!