Rev Phil Collated and Inducted

Our beloved former curate has now moved to be Vicar at Burley-in-Wharfedale. On July 23, a coachload of St Mary’s members plus a few more by car attended a Service of Collation and Induction.

After some concern we might miss it – the coach driver couldn’t find the de-mist button – we duly arrived to a warm welcome from the members of St Mary the Blessed Virgin. The Bishop of Bradford led the service, with other church officials, hitting just the right balance between legalise and informality. I think most of us still think collation is a printer setting and have no idea why new Vicars have to be collated.

Key members of the community and leaders of neighbouring churches added their welcome, to Caroline as well as Phil. Her many skills will continue to be a valuable complement to those of Phil.

The spread afterwards was magnificent with food, wine and beverages. We were given more to eat on the coach though frankly we were already pretty well stuffed.

Burley-in-Wharfedale seems like a wonderful community. We wish Phil and Caroline every success and blessing.

Jerry Marshall