A spiritual journey

A member of the St Mary’s congregation recorded a series of eight 4 minutes reflections on life changing Bible passages.

Linked to Easter Week 2020 but telling his on spiritual journey, Jerry Marshall explains how he came to faith aged 22 and the extraordinary impact it had on his life.

St Mary's member Jerry Marshall
Jerry Marshall at Iris Ministries in Mozambique

“I only really came to church for the first time as an adult to meet girls,” he explained. “But it led to a careful investigation based on the evidence. The result was a series of life changing decisions. It’s been quite a ride.”

Links to the short videos are below. Each is around 4 mins long.

Day 1: Life changing historical evidence

Day 2: Lost in the English Channel

Day 3: Money, contentment, pigeons and perfume

Day 4:  One verse that changed everything

Day 5: What God really wants

Day 6: The pivotal point of history

Day 7: Extraordinary love and forgiveness

Day 8: Confidence in the future.