Music Concert 20 May at St Mary’s

The Music for Life Jazz Band and Weaverham Community Choir are performing at St Mary’s on Saturday 20th May, from 7pm. Free Entry with donations towards the £20,000 St Mary’s Church Roof Repair appeal, “Raising the Roof”. 10% raised will go to support Music for Life. Don’t miss it and invite your friends!

Music will be provided by these two organisations.

Music for Life

Music for Life is a not-for-profit organisation that works with over 4,000 students a week across more than 100 schools and has an enviable reputation for quality and integrity. The Cheshire Youth Music for Life Jazz Band, directed by Andy Morel, allows younger players to experience the excitement of playing this kind of music at an earlier stage in their musical development. They meet to practise on Saturdays at the Lighthouse in Weaverham.

The Weaverham Community Choir

The Weaverham Community Choir, formed in September 2021, is led by Alison Richards and uses the joy of singing to help bring people together and have fun. They practise weekly at the Sea Scout Hall on Church Street in Weaverham and have enjoyed participating in a number of community and charity events in the last year.

Raising the Roof

During 2023 we hope to be “Raising the Roof for St Mary’s” to raise funds for work which needs to be carried out to make our lovely Grade 1 listed building fit for the future.

For over 1000 years, the people of Weaverham have worshipped here. This lovely old Church, dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin, built of local red sandstone, over-looks the winding River Weaver valley from which Weaverham takes its name. During this time generations have cared for the building, now it is our turn.

Every five years our architect gives the building its “health check”. This time he found that work was needed to maintain the building and keep it in good order for the future. There are problems with the roof and also the pointing of the stones. It does not leak all the time, but we have found water getting in when the rain is accompanied by strong winds, so we need to fix all these areas. If we do not carry out these repairs the fabric of the building will deteriorate further and then it will leak all the time!

Looking to the future we are thinking of ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We should try to become carbon neutral and help reduce our contribution to the climate change crisis. Unfortunately, all these things cost money so during 2023 we will be looking at ways of raising these funds. This concert is one such activity. Please watch out for other events and help keep St Mary’s alive for the next 1000 years.