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Join us for the Harvest Supper and the Harvest Service! Everyone is welcome at the harvest supper in the Lighthouse at 6pm on Friday 7 October and there is no charge. It’s not absolutely necessary to book in but numbers are helpful for catering purposes. Please email Gillian Edwards, gedwardsweaverham@hotmail.co.uk […]

Remembering our Queen

We remember and thank God for the extraordinary life of faith and service of our late Queen. On 9 September the church was open for prayer and we are extending the church open hours to 10am to 2pm on Saturday 17th September. We will continue to hold the Royal Family […]

Naomi baptised in a lake!

A brilliant full immersion baptism took place this week at Manley Mere. We were all thrilled that YPF member Naomi Rushton took this step to declare her personal faith in Jesus.  Having recently come back from the Christian teenage camp Aquasports, it was fitting that the baptism was at Manley […]

Menspower Group goes bowling

The recently formed Menspower group held a bowls match with Christ Church Barnton on the 17th August. We had a pleasant afternoon bowling with fine weather, including refreshments. We were made very welcome by our friends at Barnton. John Freeman returned the highest score of the Weaverham players. For information on […]

Café Church is a big success

Eighty people including 19 children attended the first St Mary’s café church in the Lighthouse on 3 July. Initial feedback was very positive and we were thrilled by the response.  People started arriving from about 10.10. Everyone was welcomed, encouraged to find a table and help themselves to coffee, tea, […]

The Queen comes to Tuesday Café!

Our Tuesday café celebrated the Queen’s Platinum with buntings and the usual tea cakes and scrumptious home made scones and cake and an abundance of coffee and tea. The Lighthouse was full of laughter and conversations and the café has certainly made a lot of people happy on a Tuesday […]

Latest Upcycling Shed project

The Upcycling Shed has just completed a new project. Yvonne donated an old cast iron bedroom fire place, see picture. Quite a task – but not for the Upcycling Team! The fireplace has been sand blasted, repainted several times and a new top and alterations to the bottom and ‘voila’ […]