Next Café Church is 4 June

Join us on Sunday 4 June, in the Lighthouse from 10.15  for breakfast and a family friendly service. We’ll be hearing more about the Holy Spirit, with help from balloons, gloves, water play and David Suchet!

We have been thrilled with the response to a new Café style service Church. It replaces the usual Sunday morning service and has been attracting 55-80 people of all ages including several new families.

In January, Naomi made one of the two winning stars

In March the topic was Bridge Builder. Activities included bridge building (of course), playdough and colouring. In February we had fruit and pancakes. In January, Café Church was a New Year Celebration on 1 January with bacon butties, games and an all age service on the theme “Hopes and Dreams”. Games included attempting to make stars with spaghetti and marshmallows. At the service we looked at how we could hear from God in 2023. There is a separate post with resources on this.

The new format has been run since September 2022. Breakfast (coffee, tea, pastries, toast and fruit) is available from 10.15am. There is soft matting with toys at one side for small children. A warm welcome for everyone is seen as a priority.

Feedback has been excellent: “I really enjoyed it”; “It had a lovely feel to it”; “A good mix of serious and relaxed”.

The services takes place on the first Sunday of each month.