Back in Church!

Watch our first service back in church on 30th August. Paul is leading and Sue was preaching. The topic was the central issue of God’s love and forgiveness. Watch the recording here.

The service was also watch live by some church members on Zoom, with very positive feedback from those happy to see the church in use and also see for themselves the adaptions to make it safe.

Bible Readings:  Romans 12:9-21 & Matthew 16 vs 21 – 28.

There is so much suffering in the world, particularly at this present time.  If we take it seriously our hearts would break.  And it is so much more true if we see people that we love suffering.

That was partly behind Peter’s response to Jesus.  But it was also because he had just proclaimed Jesus to be the Messiah and this was not what he thought the Messiah’s role was.

However, it was how Jesus saw his task.  Out of his great love, and possibly his breaking heart, God took the suffering of the world on himself in Jesus.  This meant that the greatest suffering of all, separation from God, was overcome in the suffering of his own person.  His love for us was at great cost to himself, though it is free to us.

We are asked to show the same sort of love to him and to others in everything that we do and everything that we are. This will also be at cost to ourselves because love always comes at cost.

  • What is your reaction when you see the suffering around you?
  • Do you realise how great God’s love is?
  • How do you respond to this?
  • How does it affect the way that you live in the world?

Join us for the All Age Service next week!