Watch our All Age Service Sunday 2 August

This month’s All Age service 2 August looks at the familiar story of the “Feeding of the 5,000” (Matthew 14 vs 13 – 21) with drama, worship, and some interactive sharing by church family members at the service. The recording is available here.

[Note we had some sound problems with the Bible reading and early part of the talk, so you might want to skip from 17:45 to 22:30. After that its fine!]

An orphanage in Mozambique run by Heidi Baker, an American Christian Missionary, was shut down by the Government because they objected to the practice of prayer and worship.  Heidi and 80 expelled children had no food. But when a lady from the US embassy brought Heidi a meal for her immediate family of 5, it was enough for big portions for all 86 of them! Heidi tells the extraordinary story here. In time they started again and Jerry stayed at the orphanage in 2008, joining teams sharing food – physical and spiritual – with those in desperate poverty across the capital city. It’s hard and costly work rather than miraculous.

St Mary’s too has been involved in sharing food and meals through the crisis. God loves to take what we offer and multiply it.

To ponder:

  • Are we ever put off sharing what we have because we don’t think it will make a difference?
  • As well as money and possessions, who might value a listening ear and a word of encouragement?
  • Are we willing to receive as well as give?